Best Real Time Gaming Casinos

Real Time Gaming  is one of the oldest and most recognized online casino software developers in the business. Often referred to simply as “RTG”, Real Time Gaming was first established in 1999 and is now responsible for the software of around 80 online casinos.

The casino software developer is most noted for various aspects of its design, including the intense graphic quality and incredible speed. Real Time Gaming has spent the last decade upgrading its impressive brand on a regular basis, adding more features, new games, more stability measures and additional security merits, following the advancements of modern technology.

Real Time Gaming now offers a plethora of online casino games, more than 120 all together. Visit any RTG casino and you’ll be met with a fantastic array of table games, card games, online slots, video poker games and more.

Real Time Gaming Platforms

Another elite aspect of Real Time Gaming is its consistent focus on multiple platforms. Real Time Gaming offers a great download casino platform, but it is only compatible with Windows PC. Instead of being content with PC user acceptance, Real Time Gaming went a step further to develop its casino software in a download-free, Flash version that is compatible with all major operating systems; Windows PC, Macintosh and Linux. If that weren’t enough, Real Time Gaming took yet another step forward to develop sophisticated Mobile Casino software that allows users to play practice-money or real-money casino games from just about anywhere over their cell phone or Internet-capable hand-held device.

Real Time Gaming Slots

Getting back to the game selection – the driving force that attracts players to RTG casinos to begin with – Real Time Gaming is especially known for its online slots variety. The full collection of slots makes up more than 80 of the 120+ casino games. Slots fan will enjoy multiple types of online slots, ranging from classic reel slots, multi-line reel slots and multi-line video slots, to bonus slots, mega-spin slots and RTG’s exclusive Real Series Slots.

Real Time Gaming for US Players

Real Time Gaming is one of the largest online casino software brands that continues to accept US players. The leading competitor, Microgaming, can no longer make this claim after enforcing a ban of all US-based IP addresses at every online casino licensing its software. Since this occurred in late 2008, Real Time Gaming’s player volume jumped dramatically as ex-Microgaming fans sought an equally enjoyable, but more accommodating software brand.

Real Time Gaming Tournaments

When you look at the most prominent qualities of Real Time Gaming software, you can’t overlook the multitude of casino games tournaments offered by most RTG casinos. Live Blackjack Tournaments are a constant on the RTG Network, with single tournament and multi-tournament events, as well as leader boards to track each player’s progress and award the top contenders.

Real Time Gaming Online Casinos

Last but not least, as we detail the amenities of Real Time Gaming, we feel obligated to offer you a short list of some of the best RTG casinos in the business. If you’d like to join an RTG casino, we highly recommend one of the following establishments. We’ve added in the year established and relevant welcome bonus offers of each RTG casino to make your decision a little easier.

Casino Slots for free

Slots are the easiest game to play at any casino and don’t require any initial knowledge because they are a game of chance. Because of this, slot machines are the most popular form of gambling and account for almost 75% of bets placed in online casinos and over 70% at brick and mortar casinos. However, there are some principles that can improve your odds of winning.

Play Slots for Free

Slots are gaming machines where you can place a wager and get an immediate return if three or more of the reels match. Most people recognize slot machines as paying out when three cherries, lemons or another symbol come up in a line or even a partial payout if you get two matching symbols.

To win at the slots at a brick and mortar casino, all you have to do is put money or credits into the machine, decide how many credits you want to play and push the button or pull the lever. The machine does the rest for you; the simplicity is why this game is so popular among novice and even experienced gamblers.

You can also easily play slots on your computer online at many free and pay online casinos. Best Casinos That Accept Neteller in 2017 that require that you establish an account at their website with a user name and a password for your protection. If you want to play for real money, you will then have to credit your account which can usually be done with PayPal, a debit card, or in some cases, a credit card. Remember online casinos can have different keyboard commands for slot play, so make sure to learn the commands for the particular casino that you are at before beginning play.

Strategies for Slot Machines

Strategies for slot machines or online slots are a little bit hard to define, because they are supposedly operated by random number generators, but here are some tips that players use as a guideline to win more frequently:
* Know the game before you start playing. There are all kinds of slots and you don’t want to waste money trying to figure it out so read the instructions before putting money in.
* Pick a slots game where you feel lucky. Many slots have personalities that are hard to define, but somehow you bond with them. If you find a slot game that you feel good about, stick with it.
* Play a machine near an entrance or high-traffic area of the casino, they are usually ‘looser’ because the casinos like Betfair Casino know if people see others winning they are more likely to choose to gamble there and/or keep gambling there.
* Read reviews about online slots. You can always learn where the big payoffs are if you look around at chat rooms and review sites.
* Play the maximum bet at the machines, if the maximum bet does not fit into your gambling budget than find a machine with a lesser maximum bet. This way you can ensure if you win you’ll get the entire jackpot. The only exceptions to this are video slots and ‘multiplier’ slots.

All in all, slots are fun to gamble with and can be inexpensive if you choose the cheap ones. That’s why so many people play it and enjoy the time that they spend trying to see if they can get the reel to deliver that three-way match for the big pay-off.